Trial Ready Checklist

Trial directions and the trial manager’s contact number
 Allow extra time prior for exercise and toileting your dog, there is nothing worse than rushing! Traffic delays may also hold you up.
 Copy of your running order
 Sandwich/drink it may be a long day
 Dog water bowl and water
 Dog towel
 Specific scent work harness, lead, long line, bandana
 Poo bags! An obvious but easily forgotten
 Dog treat reward/play toy reward
 Container for your treats, a pouch or sealed tub
 Dog enrichment items for when your dog is waiting in the car
 Warm blankets/or sun shield – weather dependent
 A clicker if you use one
 Check the weather! And give it some thought
 A note- pad/pen with brief bullet points of things you need to remember for each search, i.e. Judges comments that sort of thing for the next time
 Have the trial guidelines printed out or on your phone (optional but I find it helpful to refresh whilst waiting)