Terms & Conditions

Payment is due on booking for all classes, workshops and Sniff-Away events

Refunds will only be issued if the event or workshop is cancelled

Advanced notice of any classes which are not able to be attended on a course must be notified at booking and will be charged at 50% of the normal class rate to keep the place open.

Please provide details of previous scent work experience, level of progression and what odour your dog recognises. The odours we train the dogs to locate clove and gun oil.

For Sniff-Away events only, different odours may be accepted with prior notice dependant on the event. It would be the participants responsibility to supply scented swatches at the event

Dogs must be worked on a long lead/line attached to a flat collar or harness (2 to 5m length is recommended) Slip leads are permitted but any aversive use will not be accepted. You will be advised when you can work your dog off lead

No choke chains or aversive walking equipment or extendable leads are permitted

It is the owner responsibility to clear up after their dog at any class or event

Dogs should not toilet on the search area

No bitches can attend if in season

Every effort will be made to provide toilet facilities at Sniff-Away events. On occasions this may not be possible due to rural areas, but you will be informed of the nearest public toilet in that event. Sniff-Away events usually last three hours.

Please advise before booking any service if your dog is nervous, aggressive towards people or other dogs. Email address mandy@scentworkacademy.co.uk. Whilst every effort is made to accommodate reactive dogs, numbers of reactive dogs per activity are limited to ensure safety and more enjoyment for the dog

Please advise on booking if you or your dog has any disabilities that need catering for

There may be reactive dogs in the class or attending an event please give space from other dogs until you have been advised

Please bring water and a bowl for your dog, scent work is a thirsty business