Sniff It Out! - One to One Scent Work Training

Work one to one with Mandy to teach your dog to search and locate a specific scent. You will learn the importance of your own handling skills and to positively encourage and enhance your dog to search abilities within a variety of objects and locations.

Start your journey in the wonderful activity of scent work and have hours of future scenting fun with your dog.

‘Sniff it Out’  Part one – Two hours of informative and searching fun for you and your dog    £75

  • Learn how to take your dog’s nose from casual sniffing into search mode
  • Learn about your own initial handling skills and the cue’s to use
  • Find out about the equipment which is beneficial for you and your dog’s future searches
  • Fun searches set up for you and your dog to complete

‘Sniff it Out’  Part two –  Progression from part one with a further two hours of developing your dogs skills in this great activity  £85

  • Understand how to transfer your dog from food searches to a particular scent
  • Start your indication training and understand how to combine into the search task
  • Fun searches set up for you and your dog to complete

Venue : Part one and part two can be at home and garden or our training hall, please see below

‘Sniff it Out’  Part Three –  Hooked now? Progression from the first two sessions, lets have some more fun on your scent work journey  £95

  • Using the long line effectively
  • Understanding environmental challenges and how to work through them
  • Taking you and your dog’s search skills out and about
  • Searches set up for you and your dog to complete

Venue: Garden or surrounding area

On completion of the full course of ‘Sniff It Out’ sessions you may wish to enter your dog to compete in a Scentwork UK  Level 1 Trial (optional)

Visit for more information

‘Sniff it Out’ – Scentwork UK Pre-Trial Coaching session(s) – Booked in 1.25 hour session £50 – Venue (Community Hall) 

Are you ready to enter a Scentwork Uk Trial (Level 1-4)? Do you want the best shot at qualifying? This session gives a full insight into what to expect at your up and coming trial. Covering the guide lines of the trial, how to avoid handler deduction marks and a mock trial set up for you and your dog covering any troubleshooting along the way. Trials can be some distance away so giving you and your dog some additional mentoring can help eliminate some of those pre trial nerves and set you both up for success.

‘Sniff it Out’  –  Trouble shooting sessions  – Booked hourly    £40

Are you experiencing a particular stumbling block within your scent work progression and require some extra help to work through the challenge? One to one assistance can really help here within a one hour session.

‘Sniff it Out’ – Scent Work Buddy – Booked hourly     £40

Within this sniffy session we can meet up at your home or alternative area so you and your dog can advance your skills further with having your hides placed out for you. This enables you to practice with ‘blind’ finds.  Blind finds enable you to enhance your observation skills in being able to read your dog’s body languages displayed within the search and also prevent you from influencing the search with your own movements and of course some extra tuition on the go if required.


All search equipment is supplied for ‘Sniff It Out’ services

Depending on where you and your dog are with your scent work journey ‘Sniff it Out’ sessions can be booked on a level progression basis or individually  

All sessions can be pre- booked in advance at our hall venue if preferable to your home location. There is an additional cost per hour for this facility. Please enquire

Please see Terms & Conditions below applicable to booking with Scent Work Academy