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Discover Canine Scent Work

Canine nose work or scent work is becoming a increasingly popular dog sport activity for the companion dog owner.  It is based on operational detection style nose work, which is practiced by the police, military, custom search dogs and more recently medical detection dogs. This is when a dog is trained to locate a specific scent and indicate the location.

Searching and locating is built into your dog’s genetics therefore n fulfilling this instinctual desire can enhance your dog’s life and the bond between you and your dog, lessen boredom and give your dog a job to do. Once the basic skills have been learnt this activity can be in a variety of places, indoors and outdoors.

Scent Work Academy is the leading provider of scent work opportunities for the companion dog in Solihull and surrounding areas. Start your scent work journey by joining us at our classes after attending a taster ‘Sniff It Out’ workshop. For those who’ve completed the initial level we then also offer Sniff-Away Events where you will get out to test your skills in different environments, make new friends and develop on with your dog’s nose work skills. Scent Work Academy is also a recogised trial host for Scentwork UK trials.

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More benefits for you and your dog – what’s not to love?

  • Invaluable enrichment for any age of dog and any breed
  • Dogs with disabilities can thrive at nose work   
  • Calming activity for the excitable dog
  • Increases confidence in a nervous dog
  • Improves self-control
  • Gentle and low impact exercise for your dog and yourself
  • Can help in the management of intelligence, frustration and anxiety
  • Can aid in improving recall
  • Dogs use a lot of mental energy, dogs sleep contented after using their noses
  • Fun and rewarding for the handler as well as the dog, be warned highly additive!
  • Enjoying Sniff-Away events at different locations

We’ve just started scent work classes with Mandy and she made both my reactive rescue dog and me feel very welcome and safe in class. My little chap is not naughty he’s just frightened and taking him to new places where there are other dogs is a big deal. Mandy recognised this from the start and gave us solutions to build our confidence together. We both love scent work and look forward to every session. I would highly recommend Mandy’s classes especially if you have a tricky dog, no judgement, just lots of positive feedback.
Thanks Mandy

Claire and Max (Jack Russell)

Boo Boo and I started our scent work journey with Mandy few months ago. We love the classes she runs – they are fun and practical. We also had a 1-2-1 session with her prior to our Level 1 trial. Up until the day of our trial Mandy has been very supportive and reassuring, always responds to messages with lots of useful and practical tips. We are glad to have Mandy to guide us in this fun sport. Would highly recommend both Mandy and anyone considering doing scent work.

Ruby and Boo Boo (Bichon Frise)

Had a brilliant time at the scent training workshop. Mandy was very informative, patient, and positive. I will definitely be looking to book further scent training classes!

Helen and Ralph (Labrador)